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Disruptive Network Advertising

DNA - Disruptive Network Advertising is a communication agency operating between Italy, Austria, and Germany. With its innovative strategies DNA disrupts the way companies and institutions engage with their audiences.

Mirroring the complexity and precision of the double helix in every living being's genetic makeup, DNA - Disruptive Network Advertising blends creativity with a scientific approach to deliver quantifiable outcomes. Our team, comprising the finest professionals in the industry, forms the structural backbone of our tailor-made communication strategies, precisely designed to cater to our clients' unique requirements.

Every communication challenge presented to us is meticulously analyzed: we conduct thorough evaluations to determine if our expertise can significantly transform the initial scenario. We carefully curate the projects we undertake, ensuring our contributions are both meaningful and impactful.


We disrupt the conventional by exploring innovative, path-breaking solutions that captivate audiences in unconventional ways. Our strategies are designed to revolutionize existing market dynamics, establishing new benchmarks for products and services.


As dedicated humanists, we place people at the heart of all our endeavors. Our established credibility has fostered a robust network across our operational regions. This network, comprising companies, institutions, non-profit organizations, professionals, and media, constitutes DNA's invaluable asset, which we proudly offer to our valued clients.


As advertising scientists, our mission is clear: to inform and influence the public effectively, delivering measurable outcomes. Our approach is meticulous and strategic, offline and online. Through our scientific data driven approach, we ensure that every effort yields tangible results, leaving no room for wasted resources or missed opportunities.


DNA - Disruptive Network Advertising is a communication agency founded in 2018 in South Tyrol by the union of skills from different professionals. After 7 years of activity in Italy, Austria, and Germany, DNA decided to sign a partnership with MetaEsse Srl, an Italian company active for over 10 years in highly specialized computer engineering. The evolution in the world of communication with the appearance of artificial intelligence required integrating solid digital skills into the foundation.

Results, innovation, integrity, and confidentiality are the basis of our consulting work. Our team has a historical operational core that has been working in the communication agency since its inception.

But the real strength of DNA - Disruptive Network Advertising is the network of highly specialized professionals who have been activated for individual projects over the years. In today's rapidly changing communication landscape, sourcing top talent is paramount.

We operate like talent scouts, always ensuring we have the best professionals on our team to deliver exceptional results for our clients.



  • Brand Strategy & CI: Development and positioning of brand identities.
  • Marketing Strategy: Creation of marketing plans and strategies.
  • Communication Strategy: Planning internal and external communication.
  • Market Research & Telemarketing: Analysis of market trends, target audience, and competitor mapping.

Creative Services

  • Corporate Design: Designing the visual identity of a brand (logo, color scheme, typography).
  • Graphic Design: Creation of graphics for digital and printed media.
  • Web Design and Development: Design of websites and mobile apps.
  • Content Creation: Production of text, image, video, and audio content.
  • Packaging Design: Design of product packaging and labels.

Digital Marketing

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization: Improving visibility in search engine results.
  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing: Managing paid campaigns on search engines.
  • SMM Social Media Marketing: Development and implementation of strategies for social networks.
  • Email Marketing: Designing and sending newsletter campaigns.
  • Content Marketing: Strategic creation and distribution of content

PR and Communication

  • Public Relations: Building and maintaining relationships with media and stakeholders.
  • Crisis Communication: Consulting and support in crisis situations.
  • Event Marketing: Planning and realization of events and promotions.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaboration with opinion leaders to promote the brand.
  • Press Office: We organize your communication with local and national media.

Planning and Media Buying

  • Media Strategy: Development of strategies for advertising placement.
  • Media Buying: Purchase of advertising placements in various channels.
  • Media Analysis: Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


  • Training and Workshops: Education on marketing and communication topics.
  • Coaching for internal and external communication to companies or institutions.


Our clients and their projects are the protagonists of the success stories we help create. We strongly believe in the confidentiality of our work. We will be happy to let you discover our references only after getting to know each other. For us, your privacy is important.


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